Other Services
Our support services are designed to efficiently keep you in touch with the world.
  • All support materials including pens, pencils, pads, transparencies, markers are included
  • Every training suite has a private lobby area including phone banks and fax machines
  • Fax machines are available for transmitting and receiving facsimiles
  • We are happy to take messages for students and instructors
  • Laser printers and copying services are available at no cost
  • Complimentary marketing services including publication of scheduled classes is available
At Texas Training and Conference Centers, service is our top priority. We provide catering services in conjunction with state of the art equipment and excellent technical support.
  • Continental breakfast including coffee, tea, juices, fruit and muffins
  • Afternoon refreshments including cookies and other snacks
  • Unlimited soft drinks provided in a refrigerator located in your suite's lobby area
  • Catered items are located in private lobby areas and served on beautiful mahogany cabinets with china dishes
  • Catered lunches can be arranged but are not included in fee
  Houston location dining room.

Phone calls and outgoing faxes are just steps away from the training room.

Free copying and laser-printing services.