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High-Quality Corporate Event Facilities in Houston

Corporate events can be extremely important for your business, providing a platform to communicate information, boost morale, and share industry expertise. So why not give your business the very best for your next gathering?

At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we have served important, well-known companies for over 18 years, providing a comfortable, spacious, and upscale destination for any event. We serve gatherings both large and small and have worked with countless respectable clients across the greater metro area, including IBM, Chevron, HP, American Express, and Conoco. Our Houston conference center is up to date with the latest technology and features, making it an ideal meeting place for your next function.
Corporate Event Facilities in Houston

Benefits you won’t find anywhere else

Texas Training and Conference Centers is proud of what we can offer to those in need. When you choose our facility, you can count on perks that exceed your expectations, providing everything you need for a winning corporate function.

Confidentiality and privacy

With soundproof conference rooms and isolated meeting locations, our facilities allow for confidential communications and competitive training. You never have to worry about compromised information when you choose our facility.

On-demand tech support

Our training facility rentals include tech support and round-the-clock staff service when needed. Whether you require a hookup for computers to display a PowerPoint presentation or have something more advanced in mind, we’ll help accommodate your every need.

Attractive interiors

Some conference facilities are dated and bland, providing a poor backdrop for an important occasion. Our Houston center is state-of-the-art, boasting upscale details, décor, and design to provide an appropriate venue for any event.

Refreshments available

At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we want to ensure our guests are as comfortable and happy as possible. That’s why we make refreshments available, including a continental breakfast and the option for a catered lunch. Well-fed attendees are attentive attendees, increasing the success of your gathering and improving morale among those you are meeting with.

Competitive pricing

We know cost is a concern for virtually every corporate event. When preparing for a conference, you want to offer value to attendees without breaking your budget, and that’s completely understandable. At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we work to keep our rates competitive, offering affordable prices for companies of all sizes. Explore our venue pricing to learn more!

If you are considering a conference or other event and do not have sufficient space in your office to host, Texas Training and Conference Centers is here for you. From short meetings to multi-day conventions, we can do it all for you and your team. Make your next off-site meeting count by contacting us today!

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