Provide Employee Training with Computer Labs in Houston, TX

When you are ready to expand your company, you will need to train large numbers of new employees. In some cases, when your business grows or adds features, you may need to retrain current employees so they can stay up to date with the market’s demands. If you are looking for a fully equipped computer training room for your company, Texas Training and Conference Centers is here to help.

Instead of wasting time administering training in small groups to accommodate on-site availability or failing to meet employee needs properly, why not choose a fully equipped conference center to save time and money on training obligations? With our spacious computer training labs and unlimited technology access, you can tackle new-hire and refresher training in next to no time.

For the past 18 years, we have served some of the largest companies throughout Houston. Our facilities have supported numerous corporations and well-known companies, such as IBM, BP, and American Express. With state-of-the-art technology and advanced computer lab equipment, our location is the perfect place for training your employees.
Computer Labs in Houston, TX

The benefits of our state-of-the-art computer labs

You can expect high-quality equipment and exceptional service when you rent out our Houston training facilities. We offer extensive amenities throughout our center and in individual rooms, giving you the freedom to conduct training in any way you desire. When you choose our facility, available amenities include:

  • Internet accessibility
  • Printers and fax machines
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • On-site tech support
  • Full projection system
  • Up-to-date computers
  • Private workstations
  • Soundproof rooms
  • White boards

Whether you have a lot to teach or a just a little, our affordable rates and flexible spaces are ideal for any occasion.

The advantages of off-site training

When you have large training programs to operate, finding space on-site can be a challenge. Taking up conference rooms can compromise the meeting schedules of existing employees, while splitting training sessions into smaller groups can eat up more time—and, consequently, productivity.

An off-site training center like Texas Training and Conference Centers provides an easy way to cover your bases, streamlining training and saving you time, money, and effort. We’re prepared with everything you need in a safe, secure, and private facility, taking all the stress out of planning. Our convenient location is ideal for all major companies in the metro area, providing extra space without compromising employee commutes.

It’s easy to make your sessions an all-day affair with our continental breakfast, refreshments, and optional catered lunch. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Meet any need with our facilities

At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we can accommodate just about every form of corporate function. Our computer labs are spacious, comfortable, and modern, providing a perfect setting for:

  • Tech-related conferences
  • New-hire training
  • Refresher training
  • Community events
  • Large group projects
  • Software skills tests and evaluations

If you would like more information about our provided technology or computer specifications, feel free to call our training facility in Houston today at (832) 672-4037.

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