• How Does Offsite Training Save Your Company Money?

    For your company’s training program, you may be wondering how you can afford to hold training offsite. The real question is, can you afford not to? Offsite training room facilities in Houston can represent savings for your company over your company over your current, on-location training procedures. Here is a closer look at how offsite training can help your business reduce your training budget and use your resources more efficiently.

    Take Advantage of Virtual Training How Does Offsite Training Save Your Company Money?

    Offsite training facilities often have the technology necessary to host virtual training sessions. This kind of training allows you to simultaneously train remote and local employees, without the need for your remote staff to travel to your offices. Your business won’t have to invest in travel and accommodation for remote employees, which represents significant savings, and the ability to hold a single training session, regardless of employees’ locations will also cut costs for your business and let you use everyone’s time more efficiently.

    Give Employees Hands-On Experience

    Offsite training facilities are equipped with more workstations than your office can dedicate to training, and they offer access to more of the technology you need to allow employees to participate actively in their training. The ability let all employees who are being trained to get hands-on experience with the tools they will be using makes training more effective. When employees actually have to work with the tools they will be using in the workplace, then they are more likely to retain the information than they are when they just listen to instructions. This will reduce the need for additional training and allow employees to adapt to their tasks faster.

    Reduce Distractions for New and Existing Employees

    When you host training at your office, the bustle of the workplace can be distracting to the team being trained, and your existing employees can be distracted and disrupted by the training exercise. Using an offsite training facility isolates the activity so that everyone involved can concentrate fully on the training activities.

  • Simple Speechwriting Tips for a Corporate Event Presentation

    Corporate events are usually filled with team building exercises, networking opportunities, and inspirational speeches. It is important to deliver a well-structured and well-spoken speech to properly convey your company’s innovations and successes. The Houston convention venue will likely be filled with your colleagues, employees, spouses, and business partners, so you want to make the best impression possible. Read on for a few speechwriting and speech delivering tips.

    • Ensure that your speech not only reads well, but that it is also spoken well. If you stumble over many words, or you feel confused by some of the statements, then your audience will have trouble understanding your speech.
    • Follow a set structure that has been proven successful by many famous speakers. Your speech needs a beginning, middle, and end that begins and ends on a high note. Your audience must feel like they have heard a story with a problem, a solution, and a success.
    • Strive for relatability. If you can speak like you are in the middle of a conversation, then your audience is more likely to enjoy you as a person and as a speaker. Simple Speech Writing Tips for a Corporate Event Presentation

  • Have a Small Office? Take Advantage of a Professional Training Center

    If you are expanding your business, your company may go through some growing pains as you hire and train your new employees. Rather than taking up valuable space in your office, consider planning your employee training at a business training facility in Houston. A business training center will offer the amenities that you need to train your employees effectively, without crowding your small office space.

    Along with freeing up space in your office, an employee training facility can provide you with the tools and technology that you need to plan a terrific training program for your new workers. Your training room may offer individual computers, work desks, digital projectors, and a variety of other tools that can be utilized during the training process. If you can anticipate a major influx of new hires in the coming months, take the time to reserve a room at an employee training facility today.

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  • Learn the Truth About Using Your Facilities for Employee Training

    When you are planning an employee training retreat, you may be tempted to use your center instead of an outsourced training center . However, a conference center rental in Houston can help you plan and implement a much more effective training program that will benefit all of your employees. While it may seem more convenient to plan team building and training at your own facilities, the truth is that an outsourced training center may provide you with a better experience.

    If you choose to use your facilities for employee training, you may ultimately find that your space is not large enough to host your event. Additionally, your offices may not be equipped with the training tools and technologies that are needed to teach all of your lessons. Over the course of a few training sessions, you may also notice that your facilities do not provide you with a comfortable environment. To ensure that your training exercise is a total success, consider hosting your event at an outsourced corporate event center.

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  • Use These Easy Team Building Exercises at Your Next Corporate Event

    Building a team that works well together is almost always one of the desired outcomes of a corporate event. Team building exercises can help your employees create those connections that turn into more productive working relationships. If you’re hosting a corporate team building event in Houston , consider using these exercises to get your employees to communicate. corporate - meeting

    Back-to-Back Drawing

    This simple drawing game doesn’t involve a lot of supplies, but it does create an opportunity for employees to hone their communication skills. Split your team into pairs, and ask each pair to sit back-to-back. Give one of the partners a picture of a shape and the other partner a pen and paper. Ask the partner with the shape to describe it so that the other partner can draw it, following his or her instructions. Set a timer to complete the challenge, and when time is up, see which team produced the drawing that looks the most like the image his or her partner has. This exercise can reveal a great deal to both parties about their communication habits.

    Office Trivia

    Devise a series of trivia questions that are relevant only to your workplace. They can be questions that ask people to recall details about the office environment itself, such as what color the carpet it, or about employees, such as who has worked for the company the longest. Divide the group into teams and compete in the style of a quiz show. In addition to helping your employees bond, this activity shows them how observant they are.

    Mural Painting

    Let team members break the ice and tap into their creativity by painting a mural together. Allow every team member to contribute in his or her own way. Use multiple canvases and then put them together at the end to show how everyone’s contributions came together to create a single piece of art. You can hang the mural in your workplace to remind everyone of the team building exercise.

  • Setting the Standard for New Employees with Training

    It’s not reasonable to expect someone to show up to a new job and know exactly what to do without any background. The better you prepare your team, the more successful your operation will be. If you have hired a wave of new employees, you might want to book time at an employee training facility in Houston. This way, you can teach your new hires about what it means to work at your company and how they can succeed, all while minimizing the likelihood of mistakes on the job. Continue reading if you are thinking about using training to set the standard for your new employees. new - employee

    Understanding Company Culture

    Sometimes it’s easy to hit the ground running when you start a new job, and sometimes there’s a bit of a learning curve. No matter what kind of background your employees come from, you should make sure they understand your main objective as a company, business, and brand. One of the best ways to do this is to assemble all the fresh faces at an employee training facility. This will give your new employees a chance to get a real grasp for what the company stands for and what will be expected of them on the job.

    Teaching Employees Essential Skills

    During an initial interview with a prospective employee, the purpose is to decide if the company and the person have the potential to work together. For both sides to be successful, your new employees may need to learn new specialized skills. It helps to bring them to an employee training facility so that there are minimal distractions and you can teach your new workers the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed on the job.

    Reducing the Chances of Mistakes

    Mistakes can present learning opportunities, but they will also take time to recover from. If you want to minimize the possibility of mistakes taking up your time and energy, consider organizing an orientation at a business training facility. The better prepared your employees are from the beginning, the more productive your team will be overall.

  • Putting Our Advanced Tech to Work for You

    At Texas Training and Conference Centers , we’re proud to offer fully stocked conference venue rentals in Houston. We realize that your company may rely on the latest and greatest technology, and we can provide you with the tools you need. Whether you’re training new employees or hosting a quarterly business meeting so your team can catch up and regroup, the technology you’ll find in our business meeting rooms can ensure that everything goes smoothly. You will be as connected as you need to be, and our team of professionals can help you with tech support. Read ahead and consider putting our advanced tech to work for you.

    You can expect the best when you work with Texas Training and Conference Centers. The technology labs in our convention venues are wirelessly connected to the Internet, so you won’t have to eat up your data while onsite. We also offer full-sized projection systems that can act as a focal point for your presentation. All of our computers are up to date, and our rooms are soundproof, so you won’t have to worry about your privacy. If you ever need help, simply turn to one of our expert onsite tech support team members.

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  • Strategies for Keeping Employees Engaged After Training

    Your new hires might have shaken off some of their nerves after meeting at the employee training facility in Houston , but how do you make sure they stay engaged going forward? It can be helpful to keep track of employees’ progress and see how they have grown after their experience at the business training center, but make sure you get around to every member of the team. You could also take your team back to the convention venue for refresher courses in the future. Continue on to learn about a few strategies for keeping employees engaged after training. corporate - training

    Keep Track of Progress

    A new employee may start his or her career at the employee training facility, but this is only the beginning of the journey. If you want to make sure your employees keep the principles you went over on their minds going forward, it helps to keep track of their progress as a team and as individuals. It’s a good idea to continuously refer back to the points you made in the business meeting room, so these ideas are always fresh in everyone’s minds. Specifically point out occasions where the team has employed these principles in the real world, and offer rewards for those who go out of their way to be an exemplary member of the team.

    Include Everyone

    Your team is only as strongest as the weakest member, so make sure you interact with each employee after leaving the business training center. You could use individual progress reports to measure how well each employee has stuck to the guidelines put forth at the initial meeting, giving you a clear picture of your team’s makeup.

    Offer Refresher Courses

    While veteran members of the team probably have the skills and experience to put forth their best effort in the field, a refresher couldn’t hurt. Consider bringing the team back to the conference venue rental once in a while to make sure the core concepts still stick. It can help to use the same employee training facility each time, as the familiar scenery can make people comfortable and even spark their memories.

  • How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Presentation Opener

    You might be a little nervous before giving a speech at the conference center in Houston , but the right preparation can work wonders for your confidence. Check out this video to find out how you can create an attention-grabbing presentation opener.

    It’s okay to be nervous when giving a presentation, but do your best not to show it. Stand still with your hands by your sides when you introduce yourself, and offer your credentials in addition to your name and job title. After introducing yourself, it’s time to deliver the hook. This is where you tell the audience what you’ll show them, which should inspire positive feelings and “hook” them in. You can then reveal your agenda to the audience and quickly summarize the goal of your presentation. Finally, give your viewers a statistic that is relevant to their needs and the information that you have to offer them.

  • Reasons the Best Corporate Training Happens Offsite

    When you are developing corporate training courses for your business, you may want to consider hosting your employee training event at a conference center, rather than at your offices. When you compare the benefits of your facilities and an outsourced training center , you may find that corporate training venues in Houston offer many unique benefits. From unique technological options to dedicated training rooms, you will enjoy many special amenities at your training venue. To highlight the advantages of renting a meeting room or training room, here is an overview of why the best corporate training typically happens offsite. office - training

    Encourage Team Building

    By taking your workers out of their familiar office environment and hosting them in a brand new setting, you will help to encourage team building among every member of your team. When your workers are placed in an unfamiliar environment, they will be more likely to support one another and work closely together. Your offsite corporate venue may even have special facilities that are designed specifically for team building exercises.

    Utilize the Latest Technology and Equipment

    Over the decades, corporate training venues have pioneered special training equipment and technology that may be very useful for your business. Your training facility, for example, may have a special presentation room that is equipped with digital projectors, training computers, and automated lighting and shading systems. When you book your employee training at one of these facilities, you can make sure that you are using the latest tools to accomplish your training program.

    Schedule Keynote Speeches and Other Special Events

    During your offsite corporate training, you may want to book special events that are designed to inspire and motivate your workers. Your offsite venue may have a lecture hall or other room that is designed with keynote speeches in mind. You might also be able to plan other team building exercises that are designed around the unique facilities that your offsite venue has to offer. If you have an upcoming employee training program, you should consider booking your venue soon.