• Invest in Your Employees’ Futures by Booking a Business Training Facility

    Your employees are your company’s most important asset , but in the continuous quest for profits, the development of this asset may be overlooked. If your staff is overdue for professional development and team building, it’s time to book training room facilities in Houston. Put together corporate training courses that are appropriate for different groups of employees. Or, you can contract with an outside training company to develop and execute training sessions for you. For example, one training and team-building event may be appropriate for your company’s IT department, while a corporate leadership training session could be geared toward mid-level executives.

    Another excellent time to book a business training facility is after hiring a batch of new employees. Take the time to give them the intensive training they need, so they can get off to a productive start at your company. New employee training sessions allow them to integrate seamlessly into the company culture, learn the company’s policies and procedures, and in general, provide a better experience for the customer.

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  • Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Employee Training

    corporate training dos and don'ts Corporate training courses and team-building activities are stepping stones to greater productivity, but they do require an investment of time and funds. However, employers generally find that the average cost in hours and dollars to train an employee is far less than replacing that employee. And if you rent a corporate training venue in Houston , instead of using your own facilities, you’ll reap greater benefits at a reduced cost.

    Do rent a corporate training center.

    Companies that use their own facilities typically find that they have to conduct multiple training sessions for batches of employees, since they lack the capacity to train whole departments or the entire company all at once. This takes more time, causes greater disruptions to the company’s business, and requires more intricate planning. In contrast, renting a venue ensures you’ll have all the space necessary to train everyone. The facility will have the right presentation equipment and basic amenities for the employees, such as catering. Plus, simply moving your employees to a new location for a day or two can do wonders for their mindset. Professional training venues boost employee motivation and improve retention rates.

    Don’t use the same format for multiple training sessions.

    A typical employee training session consists of one or two speakers giving a presentation. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a lecture-style presentation, but don’t expect your employees to retain information well if they have to sit through hours of lectures. Break up the day into multiple sessions, each with its own format. Some suggestions are:

    • Interactive workshops
    • Demonstrations
    • Small group meetings
    • One-on-one mentorship opportunities

    Do choose the right time for training.

    One common pitfall of employee training is scheduling it for a time when they might be distracted. Ideally, schedule it for the beginning or middle of the week. This allows your employees time to put what they’ve learned to use before they take the weekend off. Additionally, set aside more time for training than you think you’ll need. Your employees should feel confident that they’ve mastered the material, and this isn’t possible if they’re rushing to finish everything.

  • Must-Have Supplies to Have in a Training Center

    Business training facilities in Houston will provide you with the premises and equipment for your training sessions. Computers, Wi-Fi access, and audiovisual presentation equipment are all must-haves for any corporate rental. There are a few things you’ll have to bring to the facility. Assemble these items far in advance of the training date to avoid any last minute problems.

    Written Agenda business training facilities with computers

    Effective training sessions are those with a clearly defined agenda and expected outcome. Each of your employees should receive a concisely worded document that explains these expectations, summarizes key takeaways, and lists the schedule of events. Make a note on the agenda of whether some events are intended only for specific groups of employees.

    Training Materials

    Stock the business meeting room with adequate training materials to support your employees throughout the learning process. Of course, the content of your training materials depends on what you hope to accomplish. Training sessions for new employees should include an in-depth review of the policies and procedures outlined in the employee handbook. If the handbook has been substantially modified, then every employee should receive a copy of the new document. Additionally, you should have written documents that reiterate the main points of each training session. For instance, a workshop on recognizing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace may be accompanied by a handout that explains the types of sexual harassment and lists examples of unacceptable behaviors.

    Promotional and Motivational Materials

    In addition to improving the knowledge and skills of your employees, bringing them to an employee training facility is a way to boost their motivation in the workplace. Employees may be more excited to attend training sessions if they anticipate employee recognition awards, raffle prizes, or company swag handouts. Order these items far in advance, and double-check them when your order arrives in case the supplier made any mistakes.

    Demonstration Props

    Some training sessions call for the use of props. Perhaps your company is walking employees through the appropriate usage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Bring these items so that the speaker can use them to demonstrate their proper use. If your company is training employees on new software, book the computer room of the corporate rental so that employees can actually use the software during the presentation. These tangible props and training materials will help make your training session successful.

  • How Many Speakers Do You Need for Your Next Conference?

    Finding a great convention venue near Houston is often the first step in planning a successful conference. Next, you’ll need to book the speakers. The number of speakers you’ll need depends on how long you’ve booked the business training facility for. Some conferences last a matter of hours, in which case, you may only need 2 to 3 speakers. Others last for days, and require dozens of professional speakers.

    Of course, the average conference doesn’t feature talks for every minute of the event. You’ll need to break up the schedule into blocks of time that introduce attendees to a variety of training opportunities. Put the full resources of the business training center to good use. Book extra rooms if need be, so that you can host workshops, panels, individual team meetings, team building activities, and small group project sessions. Your speakers can be scheduled throughout these other events. Remember to schedule in breaks between featured speakers and events.

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  • Training Adults Effectively

    When you are training your employees, you are likely training adults who have gone through many years of schooling, work seminars, and day-to-day duties. They are used to learning by experience and consistent feedback. You can use training room facilities in Houston to help facilitate this type of employee training. Let’s take a closer look at how to train adults effectively.

    As you can see in the short video, adults learn best when they are consistently engaged and receive hands-on experience and constructive feedback. When you are in a training room facility, you can keep your employees away from distractions so they will be engaged in the material they must learn. This same facility should also offer the latest technology and resources to give your employees great hands-on learning. At the end of the training session, be sure to give attendees sufficient feedback, so they can continue to improve in their daily work.

  • Try This Team Building Activity

    When you are planning a corporate retreat, you may want to include fun and challenging team building activities. In this video, you will take a look at a team building activity to try at your corporate training center in Houston . Using plastic cups, rubber bands, and pieces of string, you will be able to challenge your team members to work together to stack a set of cups.

    By taking the time to schedule team building exercises for your employees, you will be able to foster connections and improve engagement between members of your company’s team. After you have reserved your team building room, you will be ready to embark on a fun day of challenges and exercises that will encourage bonding and teamwork between your employees.

  • What Benefits Can You Experience by Using Our Training Facility?

    When your employees need training, you have a choice. You can try to plan a session in your own office space, or you can use our business training facility in Houston, which has everything you need at your fingertips. At Texas Training and Conference Centers , our corporate training event spaces have the tools you need for a productive training session, saving you from the pressure of trying to piece together an adequate event in your office. If you are considering your training venue options, keep these benefits of using our facility in mind as you make your decision: conference - centers

    Productive Training Environment

    Environment is everything when it comes to effective training. When you try to host training events in your own space, other things that are going on in the office may distract employees, including the pull of their own computers and workspaces. If you host training in an outside facility, you allow your employees to focus specifically on training instead of trying to divide their attention between training and keeping up with that is going on in the office.

    Advanced Technology

    Most companies lack the technology they need for efficient training. If your business does not have multiple workstations that can be sacrificed to training, a state-of-the-art projection system, or a wireless network that can sustain both the demands of training and your company’s usual workflow, then you run the risk of a bumpy training day. Instead of fighting your own technology, use our business training facility and get access to the very latest in office tech, so you can stay productive throughout your session.

    Improved Comfort

    Corporate training centers are specifically designed to make sessions comfortable. At our conference center, your employees will enjoy our well-appointed spaces and feel comfortable enough to focus on training. We can even arrange for catering on your behalf. At your own facility, your employees may be crammed into an uncomfortable area, and you’ll need to juggle all the logistics, from seating to lunch.

  • Setting the Standard for New Employees with Training

    It’s not reasonable to expect someone to show up to a new job and know exactly what to do without any background. The better you prepare your team, the more successful your operation will be. If you have hired a wave of new employees, you might want to book time at an employee training facility in Houston. This way, you can teach your new hires about what it means to work at your company and how they can succeed, all while minimizing the likelihood of mistakes on the job. Continue reading if you are thinking about using training to set the standard for your new employees. new - employee

    Understanding Company Culture

    Sometimes it’s easy to hit the ground running when you start a new job, and sometimes there’s a bit of a learning curve. No matter what kind of background your employees come from, you should make sure they understand your main objective as a company, business, and brand. One of the best ways to do this is to assemble all the fresh faces at an employee training facility. This will give your new employees a chance to get a real grasp for what the company stands for and what will be expected of them on the job.

    Teaching Employees Essential Skills

    During an initial interview with a prospective employee, the purpose is to decide if the company and the person have the potential to work together. For both sides to be successful, your new employees may need to learn new specialized skills. It helps to bring them to an employee training facility so that there are minimal distractions and you can teach your new workers the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed on the job.

    Reducing the Chances of Mistakes

    Mistakes can present learning opportunities, but they will also take time to recover from. If you want to minimize the possibility of mistakes taking up your time and energy, consider organizing an orientation at a business training facility. The better prepared your employees are from the beginning, the more productive your team will be overall.

  • Coping with Difficult Questions

    When you give a lecture or presentation at a business training center in Houston, at some point you may open up the floor so you can take questions. Not all of these questions will be easy to answer, so you should make sure you’re prepared for anything with a few tips and tricks. Take a look at this video on coping with difficult questions.

    Difficult questions aren’t impossible, and handling them properly can make it look easy. Sometimes it’s tough to answer questions when the asker rapidly fires them at you. In this case, you can ask the person to repeat the question, and he or she may rephrase and prioritize this time around. Some people may get emotional, which can make others in the room feel uncomfortable. Try to acknowledge the emotion in a vague way, but don’t assume you understand the exact emotion the person is feeling.

  • Reasons the Best Corporate Training Happens Offsite

    When you are developing corporate training courses for your business, you may want to consider hosting your employee training event at a conference center, rather than at your offices. When you compare the benefits of your facilities and an outsourced training center , you may find that corporate training venues in Houston offer many unique benefits. From unique technological options to dedicated training rooms, you will enjoy many special amenities at your training venue. To highlight the advantages of renting a meeting room or training room, here is an overview of why the best corporate training typically happens offsite. office - training

    Encourage Team Building

    By taking your workers out of their familiar office environment and hosting them in a brand new setting, you will help to encourage team building among every member of your team. When your workers are placed in an unfamiliar environment, they will be more likely to support one another and work closely together. Your offsite corporate venue may even have special facilities that are designed specifically for team building exercises.

    Utilize the Latest Technology and Equipment

    Over the decades, corporate training venues have pioneered special training equipment and technology that may be very useful for your business. Your training facility, for example, may have a special presentation room that is equipped with digital projectors, training computers, and automated lighting and shading systems. When you book your employee training at one of these facilities, you can make sure that you are using the latest tools to accomplish your training program.

    Schedule Keynote Speeches and Other Special Events

    During your offsite corporate training, you may want to book special events that are designed to inspire and motivate your workers. Your offsite venue may have a lecture hall or other room that is designed with keynote speeches in mind. You might also be able to plan other team building exercises that are designed around the unique facilities that your offsite venue has to offer. If you have an upcoming employee training program, you should consider booking your venue soon.