• Top Five Stress-Free Tips for Corporate Travel

    Corporate Travel

    Do you travel for business? It can be exciting in the beginning, but after a little while, corporate travel can feel like a hassle. How can you avoid becoming stressed? Try these five stress-free tips for corporate travel.

    • Compare fares. Sometimes, it pays to stick with one airline and build up points. On the other hand, it’s not worth missing out on cheaper flights, just for the sake of points. Take some time to shop around, looking for non-stop flights, to save time as well as money. Don’t overlook one-way fares, because sometimes combining two one way fares can be a better deal than booking a round-trip ticket. Don’t limit yourself to coach, either: during times of year in which there aren’t as many business travelers, the cost of seats in business and economy class may drop.
    • Invest in good travel gear. What this means it up to you. You certainly need luggage that’s easy to maneuver and made to stand up to the rigors of travel, and it’s not a bad idea to pick up a power bank or two, for those delays that drain your devices’ batteries. Shore up your wardrobe, so that you’ll look pulled together even on travel days, and you’ll know exactly what to pack each time you leave. Think about the things that will make your travel comfortable and efficient, and purchase what you need: some people might find it worthwhile to invest in a good travel pillow, while others may find it just as comfortable to roll up a scarf or jacket to use instead. What makes a trip easy is subjective, so consider your own needs when you’re deciding what to purchase and pack.
    • Travel light. Bearing in mind the above suggestion about providing for your own comfort, it’s still smart to confine your things to a carry-on bag. This will enable you to get to the gate more quickly, and if you use compression bags you can still fit everything you need into a carry-on and your laptop bag. Pack with security checkpoints in mind, making sure to abide by protocols regarding liquids and electronics.
    • Make friends. If you’re going to travel the same route on a regular basis, you’ll undoubtedly run across the same people, whether in the airport, on the flight crew, at the hotel, or at the car rental counter. Being friendly to these people can help facilitate more comfortable travel, and make your trips smoother. One frequent traveler brings a bag of candy on each flight, to share with the flight attendants. This kind of nice gesture puts everyone in a good mood and makes them more favorably disposed towards you, which can make your travel more enjoyable.
    • Use programs that make travel easier. Join rewards programs that provide points or miles for air travel, hotel stays, car rental, and credit card usage. Check into your flight online ahead of time, and consider applying for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to help you move through security and customs more easily. An airport lounge membership is also a good idea because it gives you access to a pleasant place to wait for your flight.

    Another way to make corporate travel less taxing is to host your corporate event at the right location. At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we pride ourselves on offering training facilities that feature the technology and tools to facilitate learning, with high-quality equipment and exceptional service. Soundproof rooms, state of the art electronics, continental breakfast, and optional catered lunches are just a few of the ways we create an environment that makes a big difference for your event. For the past 18 years, we’ve provided exceptional service to businesses throughout Houston, and we have the expertise to help you make your event a success. To learn more about Texas Training and Conference Centers, call us at 832.982.1708 or contact us through our website.


  • Planning the Perfect Corporate Event

    Planning the Perfect Corporate Event in Houston, TX

    Do you have what it takes to keep up in the competitive world of corporate events? With the number of conferences and corporate events rising, you’ve got to be at the top of your game to hold your attendees’ attention. Whether it’s a product launch, training conference, team-building event, celebration of a milestone, or some other type of occasion, you need a solid plan to make sure your corporate event goes off without a hitch.

    • Establish your objectives well in advance of the event. Laying the foundation for a successful event involves determining the purpose of the event at least eight to twelve months in advance. Determine how many people will attend, if you’ll have a larger audience through live streaming, where it will take place, and the scope of your budget.
    • Brainstorm the format that will best fit your goals. Will your objectives be better served by a tradeshow, a conference, a seminar, or a dinner? Who is your target audience? Once you know who will attend and what you want to convey, you’ll be able to choose a theme that will hold the attention of the participants.
    • Find the right venue. Look for a venue that’s conveniently located, with the infrastructure in place to make your event a success, and an aesthetic appeal that will elevate the excitement level of the attendees. Ideally, choose a location with experience accommodating the kind of event you’re hosting, and technology that will facilitate an effective experience for all involved. As the event draws near, and you’ve got to arrange things like catering, security, event signage, and permits, it will prove invaluable to be partnered with a venue that can provide support and high-level service.
    • Do your homework when choosing event participants. Speakers, presenters, sponsors, staff, and partner organizations can all make or break your event, so do some research before you choose the people who will be involved. Make sure everyone understands the goals of your event, and have your plans in place before you reach out: aspects like sponsorship packages compensation for speakers and staff should be well defined ahead of time.
    • Create a balanced agenda, to keep participants engaged. Develop your schedule at least three or four months in advance, balancing speakers and workshops with interactive activities to hold the interest of your audience. Reach out for input ahead of time, and find ways to incorporate innovative technology into your event.
    • As the event approaches, work to build excitement. Create a branded website specific to your event, using images and copy that indicate your goals and give attendees a glimpse of what they can expect. Make sure the website is optimized for use on mobile devices and has the infrastructure necessary to handle increased traffic as the excitement builds. Use every tool at your disposal to promote your event, from social media and blog posts to paid advertisements and ticket distribution. Use email and social media not only to create a buzz but also to engage attendees and start a conversation.

    If you’re ready to host the perfect corporate event in a location that’s well equipped to meet your company’s needs, we’ve got the perfect location for you. At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we pride ourselves on the high-quality equipment and exceptional service you’ll find at our facilities. We’ve created a full-service conference center equipped with cutting edge technology, in a setting that’s beautifully designed and appointed, with niceties like soundproof rooms and suites that accommodate up to 40 people. For the past 18 years, we’ve provided exceptional service to businesses throughout Houston, and we have the expertise to help you make your event a success. To learn more about Texas Training and Conference Centers, call us at 832.982.1708 or contact us through our website.


  • How Does Offsite Training Save Your Company Money?

    For your company’s training program, you may be wondering how you can afford to hold training offsite. The real question is, can you afford not to? Offsite training room facilities in Houston can represent savings for your company over your company over your current, on-location training procedures. Here is a closer look at how offsite training can help your business reduce your training budget and use your resources more efficiently.

    Take Advantage of Virtual Training Offsite Training in Houston, TX

    Offsite training facilities often have the technology necessary to host virtual training sessions. This kind of training allows you to simultaneously train remote and local employees, without the need for your remote staff to travel to your offices. Your business won’t have to invest in travel and accommodation for remote employees, which represents significant savings, and the ability to hold a single training session, regardless of employees’ locations will also cut costs for your business and let you use everyone’s time more efficiently.

    Give Employees Hands-On Experience

    Offsite training facilities are equipped with more workstations than your office can dedicate to training, and they offer access to more of the technology you need to allow employees to participate actively in their training. The ability let all employees who are being trained to get hands-on experience with the tools they will be using makes training more effective. When employees actually have to work with the tools they will be using in the workplace, then they are more likely to retain the information than they are when they just listen to instructions. This will reduce the need for additional training and allow employees to adapt to their tasks faster.

    Reduce Distractions for New and Existing Employees

    When you host training at your office, the bustle of the workplace can be distracting to the team being trained, and your existing employees can be distracted and disrupted by the training exercise. Using an offsite training facility isolates the activity so that everyone involved can concentrate fully on the training activities.

  • Host Your Next Corporate Event with Us

    Hosting Corporate Events

    Whether it’s a convention or a product launch, team training or team building, an event to boost productivity or a soiree to express appreciation, it’s important that you find the best facility possible for your corporate event. You need a place that’s comfortable yet professional, equipped with technology but not lacking in amenities. In Houston, it makes sense to host your next corporate event with Texas Training and Conference Centers.

    • Customer service driven for over 18 years. In our full-service conference center, equipped with the finest facilities for corporate events, we’ve spent the better part of two decades serving companies and corporations throughout Houston.
    • Trusted by business leaders. Because we created our facility to serve businesses and corporations in our community, and we provide them with the best service in the area, our clientele has included big names like IBM, American Express, BP, ADP, HP, Chevron, and Cisco. We feel honored to have been chosen to serve these companies, and we strive to continue to provide every customer with the level of service that earned us that opportunity.
    • Facilities for private and public events. Our suites are designed to accommodate groups of up to 40 people, and these rooms are soundproofed for privacy, making them the ideal place for private training groups. Beautifully appointed, they not only have all the most up-to-date technology, but also elegant touches like crown molding, making them the nicest in the area. Our conference rooms are fully equipped with all the services and supplies you need to make sure your event goes smoothly. No matter how small or large your gathering, the staff at our Houston conference center will make you feel right at home.
    • Latest technology. We take pride in placing innovative technology into the hands of the businesses we serve. We provide computer labs for training classes, as well as other cutting-edge features like LCD projection systems, professional multimedia sound systems, whiteboards, and more. Our state-of-the-art virtual training rooms give companies flexible, low cost, time-saving training options.
    • Exquisite attention to detail. Our friendly staff is always standing by to assist with anything you might need. From refreshments to tech support, we take care of your group, even providing catering upon request. Our goal is to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and make sure you’re comfortable.

    When you need an outsourced meeting facility, Texas Training, and Conference Centers has everything you need to conduct effective training sessions and conferences, in an environment that’s comfortable and effectual. To learn more about Texas Training and Conference Centers, call us at 832.982.1708 or contact us through our website.


  • Break The Ice at Any Work Event with These Activities

    Work Events

    Even though it might not seem like it, only about a quarter of workers feel connected to their peers. That leaves the other three out of four feeling isolated at work. Strong companies typically have strong teams that work well together and get along, so making sure your employees feel a sense of camaraderie is very important.

    Building bonds takes time, so providing opportunities for your employees to get to know each other is time well spent. Try out the following activities or icebreakers at your next work event to help your employees become more comfortable with each other.

    Two Truths and A Lie

    This is a great game for a new hire orientation. It’s simple to play and you don’t need any supplies. Have each employee come up with two true statements and one lie about themselves. They then announce all three statements and everyone else tries to guess which one is the lie.

    10 Things in Common

    This is a good activity for employees across different departments who don’t interact very often. Break up into small groups and have each group try to find 10 things they all have in common. This one requires some creative thinking and getting to know each other.


    Split your employees up into groups and then have each person write down something interesting that they have done on a note card. Collect the cards in a hat and have each person draw one and read it aloud. They will have to guess whodunnit and then get help from their fellow employees.

    Scavenger Hunt

    This activity takes more time but it can be rewarding. You can hold a scavenger hunt in the office, outside, or even around town. Have teams gather a list of items or check off a list of experiences using photos for proof.

    To learn more about what Texas Training & Conference Centers has to offer, give us a call at 281-589-1400.

  • Why Do People Get Bored in Meetings?

    Boredom is the enemy of productive meetings, but it is also an epidemic. Why is boredom so common in meetings, and what can you do about it? One good way to combat boredom is to host your meetings offsite in a conference center when possible. If you rent a meeting room in Houston at a conference center, the change of surroundings will already help to get your employees more engaged in the process.

    There are many reasons people get bored in meetings. One is that meetings are often simply too long. Battle meeting fatigue by setting a strict agenda and sticking to it, limiting the amount of time everyone has for presentations. Work frequent breaks into the schedule. Include a range of activities in the meeting, from team-building exercises to speaker-driven presentations, so that the feel of the meeting is constantly changing. Lastly, ensure everyone has a chance to be an active participant at different points in the meeting. Passive listening can often lead to boredom.

    Why Do People Get Bored in Meetings?

  • Know-How to Dress for an Upcoming Conference

    If you’re scheduled to attend a gathering at a conference center in Houston , what should you wear? The guidelines for dressing for a conference depend on many different factors, including the type of conference you’re attending and where the conference center is located.

    Watch this video for advice on dressing for a conference. Always start by finding out if there is a dress code you need to follow. If there is not, consider what you’ll be doing at the conference. You want to look professional enough to network confidently, but you should also dress for comfort, as you will likely spend a large amount of time on your feet and sitting for extended periods. Business casual is a good benchmark for most conference attendees.

  • How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Virtual Training Sessions

    Virtual training sessions give you the chance to develop standardized employee education programs without the extraneous expenses of travel and accommodation for remote team members. When conducted from a virtual training facility with the right technology for your needs, this kind of training saves your company valuable resources and gives employees the tools they need to do their jobs with confidence. As you consider corporate training centers in Houston , remember these tips for ensuring that your virtual training is as effective as possible.

    Distribute Materials in Advance Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Virtual Training Sessions

    Before your virtual training sessions, provide all attendees with an outline of the information you will be presenting, along with a schedule for the session. It can also be helpful to suggest additional reading or research that attendees can do before training to prepare. Providing this information in advance will give your employees a clear idea of what to expect so that they can be ready for the training, and it will save you time at the start of your virtual meeting, since you won’t have to run down the agenda.

    Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

    As you create the educational tools for your training session, consider the audience. Have a clear idea of the objectives that both you and your employees hope to achieve through the training, and remove any extraneous material that could distract from those goals. Consider the interests, experience, and communication style of the group you will be training, so that you can tweak your messaging to be as relevant as possible and so your employees leave the training feeling empowered and motivated rather than overwhelmed.

    Make Your Presentation User-Friendly

    Corporate training courses are only successful if employees can access and apply the information you’re presenting. Use the simplest means available to deliver your material virtually, so that employees who are not accustomed to using advanced technology can easily take part. If employees spend most of the training session trying to navigate the technology and content delivery, they will not build the knowledge you want them to develop.

  • Beating Burnout at Your Corporate Conference

    Corporate conferences offer great opportunities for team building and planning, but long days packed with meetings can easily lead to burnout. When you’re hosting a conference, it’s essential to manage the event in a way that allows attendees to feel energized instead of counting the minutes until they can leave. Maximize your corporate team building in Houston and fight conference fatigue with this advice.

    Inject Substance into Meetings Corporate Team Building in Houston

    Meetings are a central part of corporate conferences, but they should be dynamic and agile rather than stale and boring. You can easily increase the substance in your corporate meetings by crowdsourcing topics from your team. Build mini-meetings around the issues that your employees want to address instead of dictating an agenda. This creates discussions that can have substantive implications in the workplace that your employees can feel, and it helps to ensure that meetings feel purposeful rather than unproductive.

    Put Downtime on the Schedule

    Team building activities will help to build the trust your employees need to get their jobs done, but even fun team building activities are still times in which employees have to be on and engaged. You should make free time part of the agenda for your conference. Even small breaks to take a walk, grab a coffee, or make a phone call show that you prioritize your team’s well-being and that you understand the role of personal time in successful work lives.

    Choose the Right Venue

    Picking the best corporate center rental for your conference is key to keeping burnout at bay. The right venue will have ample space for all attendees, plus the technology you need to make presentations and meetings run smoothly. A good venue should also be able to organize catering on your behalf, so that your employees have access to a variety of snacks, meals, and beverages throughout the event. Close proximity to hotels can also help to beat burnout by making travel to and from the conference easy and stress-free.

  • Keep Attendees’ Energy Up with These Simple Tips

    Corporate training courses and team building sessions are great for improving and growing your company, but they can also be exhausting. Make it easy for your attendees to keep their energy levels up by booking a conference center in Houston that’s close to comfortable, relaxing hotels . Sleep is arguably the number one priority when it comes to productivity and focus.

    For more helpful tips, watch this featured video. You’ll learn why your corporate team building sessions should include a healthy, protein-packed breakfast to start the day. And while it’s generally expected that coffee will be available to attendees, make sure there are plenty of decaffeinated beverages, too. Too much caffeine can actually deplete energy. The same is true of sugary foods, so try to arrange catering options that offer good nutrition.