Managing Different Personalities at Work

Managing Different Personalities at Work in Houston


What’s the secret to running a successful organization? It’s effective management of people, showing that your organization cares about employees and has the best interests of its people at heart. It’s important to remember that you’re managing people, with unique personalities. Understanding the personalities of your team members will help you lead them successfully.

In most companies, employees generally fall into three main categories.

  • Independent thinkers: Always up for a challenge, these employees are ready to tackle any task, no matter how complex. They’re the first to show up and the last to leave, and take on new tasks even if their schedules are full. Focused on their careers, they know that to excel they must do things that aren’t in their job description. They know how to work independently and get frustrated if they’re micromanaged; they want to be trusted to handle things on their own. Without that trust, they can’t work at their full capacity and may end up losing efficiency.
  • Team players: These employees don’t function well independently, but are excellent helpers, good at solving their own piece of a puzzle. Find team members with corresponding skills, and you’ll soon have a great problem-solving group. Given the right encouragement, these players can sometimes transition into independent thinkers and team leaders.
  • Clockwatchers: On every team, there are employees who complain and cannot wait to go home. They get their work done at the last minute and make everyone miserable in the process. These employees become this way because of experiences they’ve had: learn the root cause of the behavior and you’ll be able to make adjustments to help them succeed.

Your organization’s success is not just about your bottom line, but about your employees’ state of mind. Do your managers effectively understand and manage the personalities on your team? The key to successful managers is sufficient training; teaching them to manage their teams. Investing in proper training results in effective leadership, which leads to skilled employees who make your company a success.

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