Top Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

Top Interview Tips for Hiring Managers in Houston, TX

Do you want the very best talent on your team? Of course you do. If you’re a hiring manager, you want to know that the people you’re hiring are a good fit with your team, and will do the job they’re hired to do effectively. Are you doing your job effectively? If you’re asking the wrong questions or focusing on the wrong things, you might not be.  Here, we offer some tips to help you make the most of your interviews.

Why are interviews so important? Once the talent pool has been narrowed through the evaluation of resumes, you’ll be left with a list of qualified applicants to review. Meeting these candidates in person by interviewing them is the best way to get a sense of which one will best fit into the position you’re trying to fill. If you conduct an effective interview, you should come out of it with a sense of the person’s personality, intelligence, enthusiasm, and aptitude for the work at hand. Gleaning this kind of information requires more than just a preset list of questions.

  • A good interview requires planning. Reserve a quiet space for the interview, and make a list of questions you plan to ask. Think about the information you want to take away from the interview, and what you want to understand about the candidate. This will help you to structure questions that will get to the point and garner the information you need. You may find it helpful to conduct a job analysis prior to setting any interviews, enlisting the help of someone who really understands the area in which you are hiring in order to develop your strategy. Write down your questions, so that you can be sure each candidate has the opportunity to answer the same ones. Share your list of questions with other people at your company, so that they can give their feedback before you get started.
  • Do your homework before the candidate arrives. It’s important to have a basic understanding of the person you’re interviewing before you begin. Go online and do a little bit of research, looking at personal and professional social media profiles and checking out the candidate’s LinkedIn profile before he or she arrives. Before you head into the interview, review both the job description and the person’s resume one more time, so that you have a fresh idea of your objectives.
  • Make each candidate feel comfortable. Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience, and for some people, nerves can keep them from showing who they really are. Try to establish a rapport with your candidates, asking easy questions to begin the interview, about their current positions, where they went to school, and traffic on the way over. Once you’ve put them at ease, you can gradually get into the deeper questions.
  • Be flexible during the interview. You want the conversation to flow, so don’t be too strict about sticking to your prescribed list of questions. While you do want to make sure you keep an eye on the time, not veering too far off course and making sure all of your questions get answered, you do also want to give your candidates some leeway so that you can better understand who they really are. Build time into your interview to allow for these deviations from the plan.
  • Don’t try to go it alone. Who needs to be present at this interview? Having an interview partner or two will help you gain a more well-rounded impression of the candidate, because each interviewer will bring a separate perspective.
  • Test the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities. Present problems during the interview, so that you can hear the solutions that each person would present. This gives you the opportunity to see how quick the candidates are on their feet, and understand whether or not they’re well-suited to the position.
  • Be a brand evangelist. The interview serves two purposes: it helps you learn about the candidate and it helps the candidate learn about your company. When you promote your brand in a positive light, it helps candidates understand your corporate culture and whether or not they personally align with your company’s values.
  • Ask the right questions. Don’t ask too many questions that can be answered with yes or no answers. Instead, keep your questions open-ended, yet focused. You want to understand the candidate’s perspective, but you don’t want to create confusion about your own objectives. Keep your questions professional, and if you do make small talk, be careful about any discussion of sensitive topics.

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