How to Multi-Task: Training an Employee

Training An Employee in Houston, TX

As a manager, you’ve got plenty of responsibilities. You’ve got so many, in fact, that when it’s time to train a new employee it may feel like an annoyance, adding one more thing to your plate. However, since the right training can produce a valuable team member, it’s worth taking the time to do it correctly. The good news? You can do that without having to stop doing your job. Here’s how.

  • Take the time ahead of time to make a plan. First, look at your current workload, and determine your priorities at the moment. What are some of the less important things you’re doing, that you can set aside to give yourself time to focus on training the new employee? Next, create a document that details what you expect from the new employee. Make a copy of this document for yourself, and one for your new hire. Think about:
    • Your goals for the new employee’s first 30, 60, and 90 days
    • Which tasks you expect to delegate to this person
    • Meetings the person will be expected to attend in their first few weeks
    • Information the person needs, including links, calendars, logins, and details about team members and colleagues.
    • Necessary details about projects perhaps gathered from other teammates with whom the new employee will be working.
    • Questions and ideas that you have for the new employee
  • Carve out some space in your calendar. Training a new employee is a time-consuming endeavor, so you should be proactive about setting aside time to do it. Schedule a one-on-one meeting every day during the first week, but also set aside time for training sessions in which you’ll need to be involved. Time management is an essential skill when you’re adding a new responsibility like training, and it pays to use your calendar wisely, putting everything down so that nothing slips between the cracks.
  • Connect with your new hire digitally. Send the person a message on LinkedIn, welcoming him or her to the team. This is also a great way to help get your new employee connected to your professional network. Send an email, too, conveying how happy you are to have a new team member. You can use that email to address important details of the first couple of days, request any necessary information, offer to answer questions, and generally help your new hire be more comfortable in the new office on the very first day.
  • Delegate training tasks and assign a mentor. Your team is an invaluable resource when you’re training someone new. Delegate some of the new hire’s training to people who are comfortable in stepping into a leadership role, because this helps each of your employees develop professionally. In particular, it’s good to assign a mentor or buddy to show your new employee the ropes.
  • Don’t hover. It’s important to check in frequently during the first couple of weeks, but after that, your meetings should taper off. Your employees need to know that you trust them to handle things on their own, so emphasize that you are confident in their problem-solving skills. When you give them space to solve their own problems, you’ll be helping them to become confident, independent professionals.
  • Involve the rest of your team. Getting your new hire up to speed on projects so that he or she can hit the ground running is important, but it’s also important for your team to be Schedule in time for your new employee to get to know his or her colleagues, planning an outing or two like lunch, coffee, or drinks together. Put it on everyone’s calendar ahead of time to make sure everyone’s on board. If you’re hiring more than one employee at once, you might plan a larger event, to help your employees bond and learn to function as a team. You can work in some training sessions, but keep team building the focus, making sure to provide plenty of time that’s free from any discussion of work-related topics.

If you follow these steps, you can help your new employee adjust to his or her new job without taking time away from yours. The goal, of course, is to have an employee who is a valuable and productive member of the team, quickly jumping in and getting up to speed. When you properly train your new employees, it helps your group to become an effective and unified team.

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