Inspiring Interns to Become Full-Time Employees

Inspiring Interns

Rolling the dice on new employees can be a big risk. What if you had the chance to test out workers before hiring them full-time? By leveraging internships, you can! This is the perfect opportunity to find summer workers, see if they’re a smart match for your company, and invite them to stick around.

Of course, your interns must be equally interested in joining your company as you are to add their enthusiasm and talent to your team. Here’s how to inspire interns to become full-time employees.

  • Bring on a group of interns all at once. This eliminates the feeling of being the “new kid” and helps young, like-minded talent bond with one another. Then, when the time comes to hire, you can turn your interns into a new group of “fresh” employees.
  • Convey your company’s purpose. Your interns may feel uninspired by your business if they’re unsure why you do what you do. Crafting a compelling purpose—and reminding your interns of it often—gives the feeling of being on a mission. This way, your interns feel as though their time and energy are being put to good use.
  • Determine your interns’ specific skills. To help you identify where your interns might fit best within your company, bring them to meetings, cross-train them in different departments, and let them brainstorm on projects.
  • Assign mentors. When each intern works under a different full-time employee, two important things happen. First, your interns become excited about the opportunities that await them if they perform well. Second, it gives them an inside look at the culture of working at this company.
  • Don’t treat your interns like children. If you want your interns to be vested in your company, prove that you take them seriously. Let them work on real projects and contribute their ideas. When you offer worthwhile work experience, your interns are more likely to remain as full-time employees.
  • Provide positive reinforcement. Just like your senior employees, interns want to feel valued for their time and commitment. If they’re doing a good job, let them know. This simple feedback is a highly effective way to mold new company champions.
  • Include interns in company activities. Interns often feel disconnected from the rest of the team. To prevent this, invite them to attend training and team-building events with the rest of your staff. Your interns will feel like part of the group, making them more inclined to stick around when you extend the invitation.

As a company leader, it’s your job to make your interns feel welcome and valued so they want to join your team full-time. Hosting corporate training seminars for your entire staff, including interns, is one way to do this. Consider holding your event at Texas Training and Conference Centers in Houston. Our facility is fully equipped with the latest technology to make your time with us a success! To learn more about our Houston training and events center, please contact us at 832.982.1708.