How to Excel as an Introvert in the Workplace

Introvert In The Workplace

Employees in office settings are commonly expected to intermingle with those around them, sharing cubicles and making small talk on their lunch breaks. As an introvert, you might prefer one-on-one communication or, quite frankly, to avoid social interactions altogether sometimes. Unlike your extroverted friends, you need alone time to recharge and help you make it through a busy work week. Here are some techniques you can use to excel as an introvert in the workplace.

  • Flex your creative muscles. Contrary to popular belief, being introverted isn’t a weakness. You simply need to find a job that maximizes your strengths. For instance, fields such as marketing, graphic design, writing, and editing require creativity and attention to detail, skills that introverts often have.
  • Consider freelance work. Many introverts are self-starters who don’t need the external motivation that extroverts require. This means you might excel in a freelance position working as a social media analyst, event coordinator, editorial assistant, graphic designer, copywriter, or proofreader. Freelancers tend to work independently for long periods without a supervisor breathing down their neck. This is just what many introverts need.
  • Look for a technical job. Do you enjoy thinking things over and taking a thorough approach to your work? If you’re this type of introvert, you may excel in engineering or science, fields that require research and problem-solving skills.
  • Find a company that communicates asynchronously. As an introvert, group meetings might turn you off. You may wonder why emails and group chat can’t get the job done. Many companies utilize such asynchronous communication methods to avoid breaking people away from their work while still providing channels for support and feedback. Find a company that uses technology to the fullest so you can benefit in this way.
  • Request a private area to work. If you’re already looking for a job where you can work independently, there should be no reason to share your workspace with someone else. Whether it’s a private cubicle or an entire office to yourself, having a quiet place to work is invaluable as an introvert.
  • Plan your tasks ahead of time. While extroverts tend to fly by the seat of their pants, introverts often prefer a higher level of organization and predictability. If your job allows for it, schedule the tasks you plan to perform at least a few days in advance. This may be critical to remain on schedule if there are multiple tight deadlines you must adhere to.

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