Mindfulness at Work: Tips and Tricks to Remain Calm

Tips to Remain Calm at Work in Houston, TX

Do you often feel overwhelmed or stressed? We spend much of our lives at work, and while work can be rewarding and meaningful, it can also be the cause of a great deal of stress. How do you cope? Have you ever considered the concept of mindfulness? It’s an idea that many companies are beginning to embrace.

Mindfulness, simply put, is being consciously present moment by moment, and having an awareness of yourself and your surroundings in the present, rather than focusing on the past or future. Mindfulness means stepping away from multi-tasking, being calmer and more focused, and striving to be gentler with ourselves and those around us. When mindfulness becomes part of your company’s culture, it increases creativity and productivity by improving focus, attention, and behavior. Even if your company isn’t ready to jump on this trend, though, there are simple ways you can improve your own workplace experience by practicing mindfulness.

  • Start your morning with mindfulness. Prepare for your morning the night before, and wake up early enough to be able to start the day slowly. Create a morning routine that engages your mind and makes you feel calm. Rather than engaging with technology immediately, spend time in the morning being in the moment, and thinking about your day.
  • Make a conscious decision to be present in the moment. More than anything else, mindfulness is about being aware and awake, rather than running on auto-pilot. At the beginning of your day, make a decision to be present in what you’re doing, whether it’s working on a task, eating your lunch, or talking to a coworker. When you find your mind drifting, acknowledge the thoughts you’re having, and refocus your attention on what you’re doing.
  • Stop all the multi-tasking. In today’s high-paced world, many of us pride ourselves on being able to effectively multi-task. The truth, though, is that focusing on one thing at a time increases your efficiency and productivity.
  • Just breathe. Simply focusing on inhaling and exhaling can relax you and can be done anywhere. Breathe in through your nose to the count of three and then release the breath through your mouth to the count of three. Slowing down and taking a minute to just breathe can help put you into a calmer emotional state. Try spending one minute of each hour simply focusing on your breathing and nothing else, and you may be surprised at how much better you feel.
  • Take breaks when you need them. It may seem counterintuitive to take a break in the middle of a busy workday, but detaching from work for a few minutes can improve your concentration. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of tuning into your body, thinking about how you’re feeling, to help you re-center. Don’t hesitate to take a lunch break, though, or go outside for a 15-minute refresher.
  • Cultivate a healthy mindset. Practice gratitude and positivity, while acknowledging that there will always be things you cannot change. Look for ways to turn frustration into an opportunity to reflect and regroup and stress into an exciting challenge. Sometimes, just being mindful of how you think can make a huge difference in your overall well-being. Here’s an easy exercise to help you: at the end of each day, wrote down one positive thing that happened that day and why it made you happy. By doing this, you’ll be training your brain to focus on the positive.

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