Top Five Traits That Make A Great Leader

Great Leader

Are you a good leader? What would it take for you to define yourself as a great leader? Is there a certain personality trait or character aspect that makes someone a great leader, or can outstanding leadership be taught and learned? What would you say are the top five traits that make a great leader?

  • A great leader has integrity. A leader who is honest and has a clear vision is capable of building a team from the ground up. People are inspired by leaders who believe in what they’re doing and are honest in their interactions. In fact, a recent survey indicated that over 80 percent of workers surveyed rank honesty as the most important personality trait for a leader.
  • Great leaders are decisive. Making decisions is central to leadership, and to be an effective leader, you have to be confident that the choices you are making are in the best interest of your organization. To do this, you must have a vision and know how to weigh all your options and move forward in pursuit of that vision.
  • In order to lead well, you must be open. Openness is an important trait of leaders, and that means being imaginative, open to new experiences, and open to the ideas of others. A leader who has this kind of openness can create a culture of effective communication, where team members feel that their ideas are heard and valued.
  • Attention to detail is imperative in leadership. Conscientious leaders are organized, thoughtful, and forward thinking. They are strategic planners who empower their teams by creating both long and short term goals to propel the organization forward. They can see the big picture as well as the little details, and they notice how their employees contribute to the success of their company.
  • To be a great leader, you must be a team builder. In addition to listening to the ideas of their team members, great leaders recognize achievement in their team, acknowledging each member’s contributions. By supporting employees this way, leaders create a culture that promotes confidence and positive energy rather than stress. In such an environment, expectations are communicated clearly, but there’s also room for fun and camaraderie. What’s more, good leaders provide learning opportunities and chances to grow and advance.

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