Why Employee Motivation Matters & How to Motivate Yours

Keep Your Team Happy And Motivated

Whether you’re trying to recruit new talent, retain employees, or simply boost team morale, it all comes down to one thing: employee motivation. Motivated employees are engaged and engaging, productive and inspired. When people are happy in their work, it creates a ripple effect that’s felt throughout the company. The question is, how can you keep your team happy and motivated?

  • Create a culture of trust. Shifting into a leadership culture that’s more collaborative, trusting in the competence of your workforce, and viewing the workplace from a “we” perspective rather than “I” creates an environment that fosters high levels of performance. You can build trust by being honest with employees during difficult times, recognizing them for jobs well done, giving them the autonomy to structure their own work patterns and habits, and giving them a voice in their own job design. With a work environment in which they feel connected and trusted, where personal work relationships between colleagues are facilitated and team chemistry is valued, employees will enjoy their jobs more, have more empathy for their workmates, and experience less burnout.
  • Communicate Effectively. It’s human nature to want to be “in the know” and employees need complete information to help them make good decisions about their work. With that in mind, make sure to keep team members up to date not just with staff meetings, but with daily communication one-on-one. Encourage employees to come to you with questions, requests for support, ideas about their work, or information about progress on their projects. Encouraging communication between employees and company executives is also a good way to support motivation in the workplace. Talk to employees about work, but talk to them about important events in their personal lives as well, making it clear that you value them as people.
  • Prioritize People. Good leaders know how to balance employee engagement with company success, making it clear that people are more important than profits. This means that in times where cutbacks are necessary, you look for ways to cut areas that won’t directly impact your people. This gives employees a feeling of security, and when people feel supported by their company, they’re more likely to be motivated and engaged.
  • Offer employees the chance to self-manage. Employees who feel they have autonomy and independence are more likely to be engaged in and satisfied with their work. Create opportunities for employees to stretch and grow, taking on higher level responsibilities, heading up projects and committees. Provide the right framework for employees to excel, and they’ll rise to the challenge.
  • Provide opportunities for growth. When you create opportunities to develop their skills and abilities, it boosts morale and helps them to find meaning in their work. Help employees set goals for personal development and help them find opportunities to cross-train with other responsibilities. Invite staff members to important meetings, and take them to interesting and unusual events. Plan workshops and other educational opportunities outside of the office, in order to promote continuing education.

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