Easy Ways to Become a Better Leader

Become Better Leader

It seems there’s always a new book, a new theory, or a new method out there to help people become better leaders. When it comes down to it, though, the things that make a good leader have been consistent throughout the ages. Do you know how to effectively lead your team? Put some of these time-honored tips to work for you.

  • Be positive. Smile! If you want to inspire those you lead, having an attitude of upbeat optimism will go a long way. When the members of your team see that you’re passionate about the work you’re doing, they’ll be more likely to care about helping you reach your goals. Show people you care about the work they’re doing and let them know you appreciate their contribution.
  • Communicate effectively. One-on-one communication with members of your group lets your people know you care about what they have to say. When people feel they’re being heard, and that their input is valued, they’re more likely to want to follow your lead.
  • Alleviate workplace stress. People often switch jobs because of work-related frustrations and stressors. Some of these issues can be easily solved by a leader who is paying attention and working to make the office a pleasant place to work. When you relieve your team members of stress, you’ll find you have less stress as well.
  • Reward achievement. Encourage your team members to contribute to the group by welcoming their ideas, letting them take part in decision making, and rewarding their problem-solving efforts. Help them to feel included, and provide recognition and rewards for achievements.
  • Encourage engagement. Work with your team to set goals, and foster creativity by encouraging them to express themselves and stretch their limits. Promote a sense of teamwork, and create a culture of connection, in which teammates are invested in each other’s success.
  • Promote growth and development. Give your people the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their skills. Encourage cross-training, and give them the opportunity to learn new skills. Give them opportunities to challenge themselves and put their talents to use in a productive way. Take the time to provide training, taking them out of the office environment periodically and dedicating time to learning and development.

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