• Tips to Help Break the Ice as a New Employee

    Ice breaker tips for New Employee

    Starting a new job is exciting but scary. You’re thrilled that you got the job, but you’re nervous about making a change. What will the office environment be like? Will you get along with your coworkers? Like being the new kid at school, you’ll probably have to contend with cliques and wanting to “fit in.” To help you break the ice as a new employee, follow these tips beginning the moment you walk in the door on your first day.

    Introduce Yourself

    Even if you’re shy, don’t wait for your manager to introduce you to the rest of the team. Show that you’re a go-getter, and introduce yourself. Pay attention to your coworkers’ names as they shake your hand. It helps to repeat their name during the conversation. This initial greeting makes it easy to say hello later in the day instead of awkwardly walking past each other in the hall.

    Show Genuine Interest in Your Coworkers

    Instead of talking about yourself over the coming days, turn the conversation over to your new coworkers. Ask about their interests, especially if they align with your own, so you have something to talk about. “Did you see the Cowboys game last night?” Pay them a compliment about their outfit or work performance to start a conversation. “You did great leading that meeting yesterday. I’d love to hear more about your ideas.”

    Mingle with Your Colleagues at Work

    Don’t hunker down in your cubicle and eat lunch alone. Take breaks where your coworkers mingle, whether that’s in the break room, an outdoor area or next to the water cooler. Even if you only drop by for five minutes to stretch your legs, it’s important to join in on workplace conversations. Your efforts will go a long way toward feeling like a part of the team.

    Bring Snacks to Share

    It may seem cliché, but it’s worthwhile to bring muffins, donuts, cookies or cupcakes to the break room on your first Friday. Leave a note or personally invite people to dig in as a thank you for making your first week go smoothly.

    Socialize Outside of Work

    Invite your department or team to get coffee, lunch or an after-work drink in your first few weeks on the job. The goal is to start cultivating relationships outside the office. This helps you get to know your coworkers personally and break the ice in a big way. The outing doesn’t need to be your treat, but it could be a nice gesture if you can afford it.

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