Tips for Keeping Your Audience Engaged in a Virtual Training Room

Virtual Trainings

We live in a high-tech, fast-paced world, and businesses that want to stay competitive must embrace cutting-edge technology. This means keeping your team up to date on the latest technology and business practices, using every training method at your disposal to ensure that they stay at the head of the pack. A virtual training room is an excellent tool, accommodating onsite and remote learners, all of whom can access and utilize technology that allows them to pick up new skills and receive real-time instruction and hands-on experience.

How can you make the most of a virtual training room?

  • Prepare for success. Test your equipment prior to the event, so that technical issues don’t derail you before you even get started. Assign prework, so that everyone comes to the session with an understanding of the objective, and ready to work. Create an agenda that everyone present can consult at their leisure, and put important items at the top of the agenda when energy is high and people are alert.
  • Encourage engagement, even from remote attendees. In a virtual training session, you’re likely to have people in the room and also in other locations. Encourage people not to mute the session, and consider using webcams, so that everyone can see the other participant’s faces.
  • Keep your presentation interesting, and text succinct. Vary your delivery, using a variety of methods to help promote the training. Remember, though, that lots of wordy text can cause people to glaze over. Stick to bullet points, especially in a situation where someone is in a different location and could easily zone out. Encourage participation, but consider the use of chat windows, which can be used without interrupting what’s being said.
  • Take full advantage of virtual tools. Interactive features like polls, pop quizzes, breakout rooms, and whiteboarding helps keep your audience engaged while demonstrating how much they understand. Gauging their understanding should be an important focus of your session.
  • Choose a facility that supports your goals. The location you choose should have the technology you need, in spacious, comfortable surroundings, with support on hand if you need it. Choose a place that offers rooms quiet enough for people to concentrate, and choose a facility that offers catering, so participants don’t have to leave the premises for a lunch break.

When you rent a virtual training room, you gain access to all the high-tech tools you need, without having to worry about renting equipment or setting up a network. When that training room is at Texas Training and Conference Centers, you’ll enjoy not only a state-of-the art training facility, but also the support to help you succeed, even if you need tech support during your session. To learn more about the Houston training center at Texas Training and Conference Centers, call us at 832.982.1708 or contact us through our website.

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