Tips for Organizing Your Next Training Session

Employee Training Session

Organizing a training session is a big endeavor, but one that pays off in an increase in employee productivity and engagement. For your training session to be a success, you’ll need to have a plan in place, creating a schedule and cohesive focus that holds the interest of your audience while accomplishing the goals of the session. You’ll also need to choose a venue that supports these goals and supplies the tools you need to succeed.

  • Create a loose schedule with a tight focus. Schedule your events in such a way that there’s plenty of time to accommodate delays, breaks, technical difficulties, Q & A sessions, and collaboration. Keep on track by choosing a narrow topic on which to focus, presented in a way that’s easy to comprehend and digest. Make an agenda that you can give to participants so that they know exactly what to expect.
  • Use a variety of mediums to convey information. Plan different activities for your sessions: not just lectures, but segments that deliver information in a way that appeals to many different learning styles. Incorporate hands-on activities, use the technology at your disposal, and create hand-outs that people can reference during the session. Play to your audience, keep things light and engaging and offer audio-visual, tactile, and written resources. You might also consider varying the way participants work, sometimes grouping them to allow for collaboration.
  • Plan for feedback, engagement, and collaboration. Training sessions are about learning new information and honing skills, but they’re also about teamwork. Leave plenty of room in the schedule to get input from your team, and schedule open time-slots specifically for open discussion. Work in time for testing, too, because knowing what they’re retaining is extremely important to the success of your training session.
  • Consider physical needs as well as intellectual. Give participants generous breaks, to keep their energy from flagging, and don’t forget to feed them. Ideally, choose a venue with catering options, so that food doesn’t have to be your responsibility.
  • Choose a venue that gives you the support you need. The right venue will not only have the space you require, but also the technology that will help you to succeed. Choose a place that’s professional but comfortable, and offers services you’ll need, from catering to tech support.

You spent a great deal of time and energy planning and organizing your training sessions, so why leave the location to chance? At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we’ve served well-known companies for over 18 years, providing comfortable and functional space in which to hold training sessions. Our conference rooms feature upscale décor with attention to detail, up-to-date technology, supplies, equipment and round-the-clock assistance from staff and tech support. We also provide catering services, because it’s important to us that we keep you and your team comfortable and productive. To learn more about the Houston training center at Texas Training and Conference Centers, call us at 832.982.1708 or contact us through our website.

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