Tips for Introducing New Products to Your Colleagues

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Innovation drives business, so as your business grows and thrives, new products will come into play. Whenever there’s a new product to launch, you’ll have to introduce it to your colleagues before you take it to the public. Using a few best practices, you can promote the success of your launch, while keeping your colleagues engaged and interested.

  • Make sure the innovation is relevant. Sometimes, companies make the mistake of coming up with something that doesn’t fill a preexisting need. Innovation for the sake of innovation is typically unsuccessful, so look for a problem that needs to be solved or a need that must be met, and create something to fill a void, rather than trying to create a market for something after the fact.
  • Be prepared with a promotional strategy that will grow your customer base and engage on social media. Before you introduce your new product to your colleagues, have a plan in place for introducing it to your customer base. Help others to see your vision by showing them how you will promote it. Ideally, you want to strike the right balance of traditional and social media marketing, so that each medium drives customers toward the other, and your return on investment comes from both directions.
  • Maintain engagement by keeping presentations brief. Think of it as a performance: start with something that will grab your audience’s attention, and find ways to hold that attention throughout your presentation. Get to the point quickly, and try not to let the presentation lag. Plan for interaction, and find ways to actively involve your colleagues in the process.
  • Welcome feedback. Don’t cling so tightly to your vision that you miss the opportunity to incorporate the ideas of others. Collaboration can be the key to success, and you’ll gain more support from your colleagues if you demonstrate to them that their ideas are valuable and their input is encouraged. Don’t wait for colleagues to volunteer information: plan part of your presentation around soliciting feedback to ensure that you have an understanding of your colleagues’ thoughts and ideas.

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