• How to Encourage Employees to Develop New Skills

    Employees Develop New Skills

    A few generations ago, staying with one company for an entire career was the goal. Today’s workplace is more fluid, and for most people, it’s more important to learn skills and build a portfolio than to work one job long enough to earn a gold watch. What does this mean for employers? A teachable, trainable workforce, eager to learn, grow and develop new skills. For an employer, the challenge is to provide an environment that fosters that kind of growth.

    • Clearly define goals. This applies not just to organizational goals, but also to personal goals for each employee. When you define and communicate your overall goals, it’s easier to help employees identify personal goals that align with the overall mission. Then, by supporting them and helping them to build the skills they need to achieve their personal goals, you’ll be progressing toward achieving shared goals as well.
    • Know your employees’ strengths and help them improve their skills. Ask and observe, regularly checking in to assess and encourage. Find out what your employees need, and take an interest in their personal as well as professional development. Don’t wait for quarterly reviews to provide feedback, but keep the lines of communication open, so that you can identify opportunities for growth and reward excellence.
    • Create a culture of learning. Train your managers to mentor, and encourage employees to share knowledge and skills with each other. Develop an environment in which growth is the goal, and each person continually strives to be a better version of themselves. Don’t shy away from networking on behalf of your employees. Even if you open doors that lead them to new opportunities, they’ll be evangelists for your company if that’s where they were nurtured and encouraged.
    • Provide opportunities for growth. Offer a wide variety of engaging learning experiences, from informal training and frequent in-office learning opportunities to offsite team training sessions and team building workshops. Keep things interesting, and embrace available technology, from messaging and file-sharing platforms to innovative programs and equipment that will further your corporate goals.

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