• Different Team Building Exercises Based on Your Company’s Workstyle

    Team building exercises serve an important purpose, but most employees dread participating in them because they feel a bit forced. Look beyond the outdated “trust fall,” and plan a few creative activities that your employees will actually enjoy. By investing a little more time in the planning process, you can rest assured that your employees will rush to the sign-up sheet the next time you rent a meeting room in Houston .

    Show and Tell Team building tips by Texas Training and Conference Centers in Houston

    There are a couple of good reasons why elementary teachers still do show and tell activities. They are an opportunity to develop communication skills, and they help students get to know each other better. In a corporate setting, using show and tell as a team building exercise can be a fun way to encourage group camaraderie, particularly if the company’s workstyle supports creativity. Show and tell tends to work best in small companies, or for individual teams or departments. Ask each attendee to bring in any sort of object they’d like to discuss.

    Game Show Activity

    Another way to help your employees get to know each other better is to plan an activity that mimics the style of a game show. This works well in companies with multiple departments, as it gives employees a chance to partner up with people they don’t usually interact with. Give each team a buzzer and have them compete to answer whimsical questions about the company and their co-workers. Pick the funniest exec or employee to host the game show, and try to include some healthy, self-deprecating humor when appropriate.

    Culture Jam

    Large corporations with employees from all sorts of diverse backgrounds can include a culture jam in their roster of team building exercises. Invite anyone who wishes to participate to share something about their culture. If you rent a corporate training center with technologically equipped rooms, then some employees may wish to present a slideshow about some aspect of their cultural heritage.

    Secret Santa

    The best gifts are those that come from the heart, and there’s no need to wait for the winter holidays to have your employees participate in a different sort of Secret Santa. One great team building exercise is to write down everyone’s name on a different slip of paper. Each employee will draw a name from a hat, and then write down an anonymous compliment about that person. The slips can be returned to the hat, and read out loud to the group.

  • Simple Speechwriting Tips for a Corporate Event Presentation

    Corporate events are usually filled with team building exercises, networking opportunities, and inspirational speeches. It is important to deliver a well-structured and well-spoken speech to properly convey your company’s innovations and successes. The Houston convention venue will likely be filled with your colleagues, employees, spouses, and business partners, so you want to make the best impression possible. Read on for a few speechwriting and speech delivering tips.

    • Ensure that your speech not only reads well, but that it is also spoken well. If you stumble over many words, or you feel confused by some of the statements, then your audience will have trouble understanding your speech.
    • Follow a set structure that has been proven successful by many famous speakers. Your speech needs a beginning, middle, and end that begins and ends on a high note. Your audience must feel like they have heard a story with a problem, a solution, and a success.
    • Strive for relatability. If you can speak like you are in the middle of a conversation, then your audience is more likely to enjoy you as a person and as a speaker. Simple Speech Writing Tips for a Corporate Event Presentation

  • Training Adults Effectively

    When you are training your employees, you are likely training adults who have gone through many years of schooling, work seminars, and day-to-day duties. They are used to learning by experience and consistent feedback. You can use training room facilities in Houston to help facilitate this type of employee training. Let’s take a closer look at how to train adults effectively.

    As you can see in the short video, adults learn best when they are consistently engaged and receive hands-on experience and constructive feedback. When you are in a training room facility, you can keep your employees away from distractions so they will be engaged in the material they must learn. This same facility should also offer the latest technology and resources to give your employees great hands-on learning. At the end of the training session, be sure to give attendees sufficient feedback, so they can continue to improve in their daily work.

  • What Kind of Tech Can You Expect in an Offsite Computer Lab?

    Employee training facilities in Houston offer computer labs to help you efficiently train and inform your employees and business partners. These computer labs are equipped with the latest technology, such as a full projection system, computers, and various types of printing equipment. These tools are essential when you work out of an employee training facility, because you can offer your employees the best opportunities to learn your company’s new technology, tactics, and policies. Here is a closer look at the kind of technology you will see at a computer lab :

    Projection System Computer Lab

    Employee training and business meetings often require that images, videos, and presentations be projected across some sort of screen. This screen should be large, well-placed, and in working order to give your employees and business partners the full scope of your presentation. When you choose to use an offsite computer lab at an employee training facility, you will have access to a full projection system to give your attendees the best opportunity to learn. This system will include a large projection screen, a projector, and the necessary lighting and audio equipment to offer the best experience.

    Printing Equipment

    In addition to a full projection system, your employees and partners should take advantage of printed materials, such as brochures and training manuals. Employee training facilities will have several of the best printers, copiers, and fax machines to facilitate your need for printed materials. There should be no worry about running out of paper, ink, or toner at an offsite computer lab either. These professional locations are fully stocked and prepared to meet all of your needs.

    Updated Computers

    Your employees will likely need training from a computer program that allows for quick and easy viewing and testing. An offsite computer lab can offer you and your employees the latest computer equipment, complete with exceptional software and internet access. Updated computers are necessary for employee training, because you must be able to ensure that your employees are able to train and learn without difficulties or computer glitches.