Use These Easy Team Building Exercises at Your Next Corporate Event

Building a team that works well together is almost always one of the desired outcomes of a corporate event. Team building exercises can help your employees create those connections that turn into more productive working relationships. If you’re hosting a corporate team building event in Houston , consider using these exercises to get your employees to communicate. corporate - meeting

Back-to-Back Drawing

This simple drawing game doesn’t involve a lot of supplies, but it does create an opportunity for employees to hone their communication skills. Split your team into pairs, and ask each pair to sit back-to-back. Give one of the partners a picture of a shape and the other partner a pen and paper. Ask the partner with the shape to describe it so that the other partner can draw it, following his or her instructions. Set a timer to complete the challenge, and when time is up, see which team produced the drawing that looks the most like the image his or her partner has. This exercise can reveal a great deal to both parties about their communication habits.

Office Trivia

Devise a series of trivia questions that are relevant only to your workplace. They can be questions that ask people to recall details about the office environment itself, such as what color the carpet it, or about employees, such as who has worked for the company the longest. Divide the group into teams and compete in the style of a quiz show. In addition to helping your employees bond, this activity shows them how observant they are.

Mural Painting

Let team members break the ice and tap into their creativity by painting a mural together. Allow every team member to contribute in his or her own way. Use multiple canvases and then put them together at the end to show how everyone’s contributions came together to create a single piece of art. You can hang the mural in your workplace to remind everyone of the team building exercise.

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