• Designing the Perfect Meeting Room Layout

    When you are planning a major company meeting, you will need to pay attention to every detail. Along with preparing your presentation and booking a conference center rental, you will also need to make sure that you layout your meeting room effectively. When you rent a room at a conference center in Houston, your team will be able to help you create an effective and efficient layout that will help to promote productivity during your meeting. Here is a quick guide to designing the perfect meeting room layout. conference - room

    Consider the Style of Your Meetings

    The layout of your meeting room will depend on the style of your meetings. If this event will be primarily composed of individual presentations, you will need to arrange the room so that all your attendees can easily see the presentation screen. Meetings that are designed for team building or strategic planning may benefit from a round table or conference room-style of room layout.

    Evaluate Your Attendance

    Before you pick a layout for your meeting room, you will also need to consider the number of people who will be in attendance. A small meeting that includes a dozen people or fewer will feel more intimate when it is conducted around a U-shaped table arrangement. Larger meetings may require banquet-style or auditorium-style seating, which will allow your attendees to break up into smaller groups once the main presentations have concluded.

    Ask About Special Features and Technology

    When you use digital projectors and other types of presentation tools during your meeting, you will need to make sure that all of your attendees can easily see the screen. The perfect meeting room layout will allow your attendees to make eye contact during the interactional portions of the meeting+ while being able to easily see the screen when a presenter is showing his or her slides or videos. After you have researched the types of technologies that will be used during your meeting, you will have a better idea of how to create the perfect layout.

  • Use These Easy Team Building Exercises at Your Next Corporate Event

    Building a team that works well together is almost always one of the desired outcomes of a corporate event. Team building exercises can help your employees create those connections that turn into more productive working relationships. If you’re hosting a corporate team building event in Houston , consider using these exercises to get your employees to communicate. Team Building Exercises for Corporate Events in Houston, TX

    Back-to-Back Drawing

    This simple drawing game doesn’t involve a lot of supplies, but it does create an opportunity for employees to hone their communication skills. Split your team into pairs, and ask each pair to sit back-to-back. Give one of the partners a picture of a shape and the other partner a pen and paper. Ask the partner with the shape to describe it so that the other partner can draw it, following his or her instructions. Set a timer to complete the challenge, and when time is up, see which team produced the drawing that looks the most like the image his or her partner has. This exercise can reveal a great deal to both parties about their communication habits.

    Office Trivia

    Devise a series of trivia questions that are relevant only to your workplace. They can be questions that ask people to recall details about the office environment itself, such as what color the carpet it, or about employees, such as who has worked for the company the longest. Divide the group into teams and compete in the style of a quiz show. In addition to helping your employees bond, this activity shows them how observant they are.

    Mural Painting

    Let team members break the ice and tap into their creativity by painting a mural together. Allow every team member to contribute in his or her own way. Use multiple canvases and then put them together at the end to show how everyone’s contributions came together to create a single piece of art. You can hang the mural in your workplace to remind everyone of the team building exercise.

  • What Benefits Can You Experience by Using Our Training Facility?

    When your employees need training, you have a choice. You can try to plan a session in your own office space, or you can use our business training facility in Houston, which has everything you need at your fingertips. At Texas Training and Conference Centers , our corporate training event spaces have the tools you need for a productive training session, saving you from the pressure of trying to piece together an adequate event in your office. If you are considering your training venue options, keep these benefits of using our facility in mind as you make your decision: conference - centers

    Productive Training Environment

    Environment is everything when it comes to effective training. When you try to host training events in your own space, other things that are going on in the office may distract employees, including the pull of their own computers and workspaces. If you host training in an outside facility, you allow your employees to focus specifically on training instead of trying to divide their attention between training and keeping up with that is going on in the office.

    Advanced Technology

    Most companies lack the technology they need for efficient training. If your business does not have multiple workstations that can be sacrificed to training, a state-of-the-art projection system, or a wireless network that can sustain both the demands of training and your company’s usual workflow, then you run the risk of a bumpy training day. Instead of fighting your own technology, use our business training facility and get access to the very latest in office tech, so you can stay productive throughout your session.

    Improved Comfort

    Corporate training centers are specifically designed to make sessions comfortable. At our conference center, your employees will enjoy our well-appointed spaces and feel comfortable enough to focus on training. We can even arrange for catering on your behalf. At your own facility, your employees may be crammed into an uncomfortable area, and you’ll need to juggle all the logistics, from seating to lunch.

  • Take Advantage of These Trends in Corporate Event Planning

    When you choose your conference center rental in Houston , the next step is to plan an awesome event that inspires your workforce and refocuses their commitment to the business. Watch this video to find out some of the trends in corporate event planning that can take your meeting to the next level.

    One trend that is filling conference centers is a focus on the softer side of business. Segments on soft skills, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness are popular corporate event features right now. Using technology to crowd stream events is also popular. When you choose a conference center for your event, make sure it has the technology you need to make streaming possible so you can cash in on these trends.