Advice for Choosing Food for a Corporate Event

Choosing food for a corporate event

Hosting an event in a business meeting room in Houston can be a nice change of pace for your employees, who will be even happier if you feed them. Catering the event helps to show your appreciation for your team, but what kind of food should you choose? You won’t want to stuff your team full, and you should offer food that’s easy and convenient to eat. This also presents an opportunity to get your employees to eat healthy. Read on for more detailed advice for choosing food at a corporate event. corporate - food

Don’t Choose Heavy Meals

The last thing you would want to do after eating a heavy meal is get back to business—you’d probably much rather watch television and take a nap. When it comes to choosing food for the event at your conference venue rental, do your best to keep it light. You don’t want your employees to starve, but you also don’t want them to eat heavy meals that will slow them down for the duration of the meeting.

Keep the Mess Minimal

People typically don’t wear their casual weekend clothes to work, especially when they’re spending the day at a convention venue. Some employees might shy away from the food if it seems too messy, and they might opt to go hungry instead of risking getting stains on their nice work clothing. Try choosing items that are easy to eat when you order food to your business meeting room. Meals that are easier to eat also make it possible for your employees to multitask and eat while working without worrying about making a mess, which can help them stay comfortable and keep the ideas flowing.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Healthy employees make for productive workers, so it makes sense to encourage your employees to enjoy balanced diets that keep them active and alert. This is why it doesn’t make sense to offer unhealthy foods at the employee training facility or conference venue rental. Small pastries like cookies and cupcakes can be acceptable for a light dessert, but try to keep the rest of the food on the healthier side.

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