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Blog Posts in July, 2016

The Benefits of Team Building Activities

Do team building activities really have benefits for your employees, or are they time spent away from doing what really matters to running your business? Research shows that workplaces with ...
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Using an Icebreaker in Your Corporate Meeting

Icebreakers are almost always good ways to get a corporate meeting off to a good start. They help attendees let down their barriers and get into the right frame of mind for collaboration. If you are ...
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Corporate Training Copyright Issues

As you’re preparing for an upcoming employee training session, you might not give much thought to the use of materials protected by copyright, trademark, or personal rights. Unfortunately, ...
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Which Employees Should You Invite to an Off-Site Meeting?

Off-site meetings at a private venue or conference center provide a valuable way for you and your employees to connect and plan outside of your everyday work environment. These meetings aren’t ...
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