Tips for Planning Effective Breakout Sessions

When you are planning a corporate team building program at a conference center in Houston , it is a great idea to prepare special team building exercises. A breakout session is a highly effective exercise that can help strengthen team bonding and encourage active discussion of the corporate training materials. During a breakout session, participants will have the opportunity to focus in on a special topic of interest with a small team. To help you achieve the best benefits from this exercise, here is a look at some tips for planning effective breakout sessions. team - building

Provide Specific Instructions

In order to make sure that your breakout sessions are as effective as possible, you will want to make sure that you provide each group with specific instructions for their meeting. Assigning a team leader will help to keep the breakout session focused and on track. Additionally, you may also want to appoint a timekeeper that will keep track of how long the breakout has been taking place. With a specific timeframe, you can ensure that the breakout remains on topic.

Assign Specific Questions and Topics

As you are creating your breakout sessions, you may want to assign specific questions or discussion topics that will be discussed by each group. By allowing breakout groups to address these topics in an in-depth manner, you will promote critical thinking and active problem solving. These topics may relate to the overall theme of the conference, or may address specific issues that are related to your business or industry.

Plan a Debriefing Activity

After the breakout sessions have concluded, you will want to provide each group with the opportunity to share their findings with the conference. Your debriefing activities can be interactive, and can involve the participation of each member of the breakout group. Allowing each breakout group to share their discussion materials will add an interactive and engaging element to your team building program. With these tips in mind, you are sure to be pleased with the results of your breakout session.

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