Navigating the Dos and Don’ts of Planning Corporate Events

Plan A Stellar Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is not always as simple as finding a convention venue and telling everyone when to show up. However, it does not have to be impossibly hard either. In addition to finding the right convention venue near Houston, there are some easy dos and don’ts to help you plan a stellar corporate event. corporate - event

Do give plenty of notice.

You must give your employees, especially those coming from out of town, plenty of notice about the next corporate event. Your employees need time to make the necessary travel and schedule arrangements.

Do find a convention center rental.

An appropriately-sized convention venue is essential for a corporate event. A professional convention venue will have the necessary meeting rooms, amenities, and technology to house all of your employees and create an effective learning environment.

Do plan the event.

No matter how simple you think this event will be, you must plan it out. Planning your corporate event includes finding nearby hotels, restaurants, and convention venues. You must also plan out the event itself, which will include guest speakers, training, and team building exercises.

Don’t plan during the wrong season.

Take stock of when your corporation’s employees typically go on vacation. Do not plan your event during vacation season. You will have very low attendance, and all of your time and planning will be wasted. You should also refrain from planning around a traveling holiday, such as Thanksgiving, unless you are planning a themed event.

Don’t become an event planner.

Unless you run a party planning company, do not use this opportunity to test your party planning skills. Delegate your work to other employees or an actual corporate event planner. Manage the party planning, but do not focus all of your energy on it, especially when it should be focused on running your company.

Don’t under or over budget.

Once you have planned out your corporate event, you can better determine the budget. Do not waste money on extravagant decorations. Do not skimp on employee training resources. Determine exactly what you want out of your event, and then set your budget.