Which Employees Should You Invite to an Off-Site Meeting?

Off-Site Meeting for Corporate Employees

Off-site meetings at a private venue or conference center provide a valuable way for you and your employees to connect and plan outside of your everyday work environment. These meetings aren’t like their onsite counterparts—instead, off-site meetings offer a great way to accomplish additional tasks that include networking, team building, and innovation. After you book your Houston conference center , it’s time to develop your invite list.

While it can be tempting to minimize the number of employees you allow to attend off-site meetings, the truth is that leaving important employees behind can hinder meeting productivity and results. If your meeting will focus on a single project or group, keeping your invite list to group members and their supervisors is appropriate. Additionally, meetings that are focused solely on decisions are often best accomplished with a smaller list of attendees. However, if your meeting will cover a broad agenda or develop company-wide strategies that will influence and impact a large number of departments, increasing your participant list to include a larger pool of employees will yield the best team building results.

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