Corporate Training Copyright Issues

As you’re preparing for an upcoming employee training session, you might not give much thought to the use of materials protected by copyright, trademark, or personal rights. Unfortunately, although it can be easy to insert protected materials into presentations without realizing it or even intending to do so, the consequences for copyright infringement can be expensive. Copyright laws limit how protected works can be used, so it’s best to check with the owner of any materials you plan to include in your training seminar to make sure you have permission. Although copyright laws include provisions that protect teachers and non-profit users against unwarranted liability for infringement, these provisions do not extend to businesses or organizations charged with the improper or illegal use of protected materials.

Once you get the issue of copyrighted materials out of the way, make sure that the conference facility in Houston you intend to book for your training session has the appropriate technology needed for you to deliver the appropriate training materials. Corporate training centers should have projectors, computers, and other high-tech training aids for you to use.

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