• The Benefits of Team Building Activities

    Do team building activities really have benefits for your employees, or are they time spent away from doing what really matters to running your business? Research shows that workplaces with well-developed teams of cooperative coworkers are healthier and more productive. If you’re weighing whether planning a day of team building in Houston is the right choice for your business, consider these benefits of encouraging a cooperative mentality among your staff through team building. team - building

    Better Productivity

    In workplaces in which team building is not an emphasis, productivity is easily lost to wasted time on repetitive activities or poor sharing of responsibilities. Improving communication and respect for each other’s work through team building efforts can solve these types of productivity issues. As employees work together on team building, they learn to trust each other and collaborate, so that they share work according each other’s abilities and expertise and work with more transparency, thereby avoiding productivity-zapping repetitive work.

    Improved Problem-Solving Skills

    Because team building exercises are often designed around a problem that a group has to solve together, employees get opportunities to build their problem solving skills. The same techniques that they use to solve the problem set before them during a team building activity can translate back into the workplace when they face challenges. These activities can foster both individual and group problem solving skills.

    Increased Creativity

    To solve the problems posed to them during team building activities, employees have to become creative to find solutions. Simply having employees do something that isn’t part of their usual workdays can spark creativity, but having a team building activity in an off-site location can do even more. By getting away from their normal environment and undertaking new activities with new people, employees feel inspired in their roles and open to creative approaches. Further, team building exercises demonstrate to your employees that you value creativity in the workplace, so that they are more likely to come forward and share their ideas.

  • Using an Icebreaker in Your Corporate Meeting

    Icebreakers are almost always good ways to get a corporate meeting off to a good start. They help attendees let down their barriers and get into the right frame of mind for collaboration. If you are planning a corporate leadership training course in Houston , the icebreaker in this video may be what you’re looking for.

    Rather than relying on the traditional introduction-style icebreakers that are so common in corporate training courses, this icebreaker asks attendees to solve a riddle. This kind of icebreaker encourages team building and makes attendees being to engage actively in the presentation instead of simply sitting back and listening. This kind of active participation helps everyone get the maximum benefits from the time spent in the session.

  • Corporate Training Copyright Issues

    As you’re preparing for an upcoming employee training session, you might not give much thought to the use of materials protected by copyright, trademark, or personal rights. Unfortunately, although it can be easy to insert protected materials into presentations without realizing it or even intending to do so, the consequences for copyright infringement can be expensive. Copyright laws limit how protected works can be used, so it’s best to check with the owner of any materials you plan to include in your training seminar to make sure you have permission. Although copyright laws include provisions that protect teachers and non-profit users against unwarranted liability for infringement, these provisions do not extend to businesses or organizations charged with the improper or illegal use of protected materials.

    Once you get the issue of copyrighted materials out of the way, make sure that the conference facility in Houston you intend to book for your training session has the appropriate technology needed for you to deliver the appropriate training materials. Corporate training centers should have projectors, computers, and other high-tech training aids for you to use.

    Corporate Training Copyright Issues in Houston, TX

  • Which Employees Should You Invite to an Off-Site Meeting?

    Off-site meetings at a private venue or conference center provide a valuable way for you and your employees to connect and plan outside of your everyday work environment. These meetings aren’t like their onsite counterparts—instead, off-site meetings offer a great way to accomplish additional tasks that include networking, team building, and innovation. After you book your Houston conference center , it’s time to develop your invite list.

    While it can be tempting to minimize the number of employees you allow to attend off-site meetings, the truth is that leaving important employees behind can hinder meeting productivity and results. If your meeting will focus on a single project or group, keeping your invite list to group members and their supervisors is appropriate. Additionally, meetings that are focused solely on decisions are often best accomplished with a smaller list of attendees. However, if your meeting will cover a broad agenda or develop company-wide strategies that will influence and impact a large number of departments, increasing your participant list to include a larger pool of employees will yield the best team building results.

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