What Foods Should You Serve at Your Corporate Training Session?

Food to serve at corporate event

corporate meetings houston Making catering selections may seem like one of the simplest parts of organizing an event at a corporate training center. But in fact, the catering can play a significant role in the success of your conference near Houston. First, consider the tone you wish to set for your off-site corporate events. Will it be casual or high class? Serving caviar and lobster tails sends a different message than pizza and chips. Additionally, consider the ease of consumption. You probably want your event attendees to focus on the program at the corporate training center, not on trying not to stain their clothes with messy burgers. Serve food that is easy to eat and doesn’t require lots of napkins.

Before submitting a catering order for the conference facility, consider the health and safety of your event attendees. Some attendees may have severe food allergies, while others may require a special diet because of religious reasons. You can poll your event attendees in advance to find out if any special accommodations need to be made.

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