• Why Choose Our Houston Conference Facility for Your Function?

    Texas Training & Conference Center Logo A corporate event center or corporate training facility can provide valuable tools for your company’s next conference. At Texas Training and Conference Centers, we offer amenities like fully equipped computer lab rentals and comfortable meeting rooms at competitive rates, so choosing our corporate event facility in Houston is a wise investment.

    Our conveniently located training and conference facility has been in operation for 14 years, and our business meeting rooms provide our clients with up-to-date technology. We can also arrange catering for your meeting, saving you time and hassle and helping to ensure that your employees will be refreshed and ready to learn.

    Holding your next corporate event at one of our conference centers will allow you to provide your employees with an engaging and effective learning environment. Our corporate training facilities remove your employees from the distractions of the office, and place them in a neutral environment in which they can be more focused and productive.

  • Why Ongoing Staff Training Is Crucial

    Staff Training in Houston, TX As an employer, staff training allows you to enhance your employees’ skill sets while reinforcing your employees’ good habits and breaking their bad ones. As an employee, continuous training allows you to constantly grow in your position, making you more valuable to your company. With ever-changing technology, legislation, and corporate policies, keeping employees well informed can only benefit all the parties involved. Corporate training centers and business meeting facilities in Houston provide a valuable setting for ongoing staff training. Continue reading to find out more about staff training.

    Motivate Employees

    Ongoing staff training allows employers to update employees on new company policies and procedures. Keeping employees up to date on new developments and allowing them to be an active part of the process will reinforce their importance to the company. These training sessions demonstrate to your employees that you are invested in their future with the company and are dedicated to providing them with new skills relevant to their jobs. This will motivate them and help reduce turnover amongst your staff.

    Review Employee Qualifications

    Many business meeting rooms and conference centers offer computer lab rentals, allowing you to ensure that your employees possess the computer skills necessary for their position. With how quickly technology changes and how often computer software and programs are updated, it is essential to regularly review your employees’ skills in this area. Other qualifications, such as first aid training and health and safety regulations, must be regularly updated in order to remain valid. Visiting a training center with your employees allows you to review and update their credentials in an appropriate venue.

    Maintain Employee Knowledge

    Any new skill learned will become less effective if it is not practiced very often. Use a regular training schedule to refresh your employees’ job knowledge. Scheduling regular corporate training in a meeting room will allow you to revise, update, and refresh the knowledge gained by your employees at previous training.

  • Understanding Robert’s Rules of Order

    Whether you are at a corporate training center or a business event location rental, having an effective chairperson is key to running a successful corporate event. If you’re holding your next corporate event at a conference center near Houston , watch this helpful video about how to be an effective chairperson. For example, if you want to stay on schedule and accomplish your meeting’s goals, it is important to know how to intervene when your employees stray from your agenda. When your company has arranged for a conference room rental, it becomes especially important to keep your meeting on track and on time to avoid wasting company resources.