Avoid These Mistakes at Your Next Offsite Conference

offsite concerence

corporate training facility in houston Organizing an offsite conference at a corporate training center is the perfect way to convey knowledge and provide valuable training to your employees. Holding the conference at a business meeting facility affords you and your employees a neutral setting away from the office, which can prove productive and refreshing. If you’re planning a company conference at a corporate training facility in Houston , continue reading to learn about some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Having a Completely Full Agenda

You may be tempted to put as many items on the agenda as possible, as you’ll have the entire team assembled. However, this will overwhelm your employees, and you will risk burying the primary purpose of the conference. Your employees will be better able to maintain focus on your key agenda items if these items aren’t competing with less important topics. You’ll find that your team will be more engaged and happier to participate if they have fewer topics to tackle.

Being Vague about the Purpose of the Conference

Your employees will be more motivated and productive at your conference if they know exactly what to expect, and what will be expected of them. If you want to encourage employee participation, let them know ahead of time that you want their suggestions and feedback. You can even meet with your employees prior to the conference to run through their ideas so that you won’t waste valuable time in your meeting room rental on issues that aren’t absolutely relevant to your conference’s goals.

Choosing the Wrong Venue

The right corporate training center will provide a neutral setting that will allow you and your employees to be focused and productive. Investigate the amenities offered by the conference center of your choice. Do they provide audio/visual equipment? Do they offer convenient parking? Is there a kitchen in which your employees can make coffee or store their lunches? If your conference is going to focus on computer training, find a conference center with a computer lab rental.