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Choosing the Right Food and Beverages for Your Corporate Event

So much is involved in creating the perfect corporate event for your employees and guests. Your catering, convention venue, and business materials can make or break the event. Having the right food ...
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Corporate Training Copyright Issues

As you’re preparing for an upcoming employee training session, you might not give much thought to the use of materials protected by copyright, trademark, or personal rights. Unfortunately, ...
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Developing an Effective Meeting Agenda

Business and industry meetings play an important role in the development of new products and ideas, as well as the creation and maintenance of valuable partnerships. Once you’ve chosen the ...
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Houston Attractions to Enjoy After Your Conference

Enjoy your time at a conference facility in Houston, but be prepared for plenty of fun activities around the city after your conference. Outside of the corporate training center, Houston has much to ...
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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Conference Venue

When you are hosting a corporate event, holding the meeting off-site gives you the chance to separate yourself and your attendees from everyday responsibilities to completely focus on the task at ...
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Amenities of a Professional Rental Facility

If you're planning a corporate meeting or large-scale training seminar, consider holding the event at a conference center equipped to handle the specific needs of a business event. Even if you ...
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