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Break The Ice at Any Work Event with These Activities

Even though it might not seem like it, only about a quarter of workers feel connected to their peers. That leaves the other three out of four feeling isolated at work. Strong companies typically have strong teams that work well together and get along, so making sure your employees feel a sense of camaraderie is very important.

Building bonds takes time, so providing opportunities for your employees to get to know each other is time well spent. Try out the following activities or icebreakers at your next work event to help your employees become more comfortable with each other.

Two Truths and A Lie

This is a great game for a new hire orientation. It’s simple to play and you don’t need any supplies. Have each employee come up with two true statements and one lie about themselves. They then announce all three statements and everyone else tries to guess which one is the lie.

10 Things in Common

This is a good activity for employees across different departments who don’t interact very often. Break up into small groups and have each group try to find 10 things they all have in common. This one requires some creative thinking and getting to know each other.


Split your employees up into groups and then have each person write down something interesting that they have done on a note card. Collect the cards in a hat and have each person draw one and read it aloud. They will have to guess whodunnit and then get help from their fellow employees.

Scavenger Hunt

This activity takes more time but it can be rewarding. You can hold a scavenger hunt in the office, outside, or even around town. Have teams gather a list of items or check off a list of experiences using photos for proof.

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